Cronulla Golf Club

Cronulla Golf Club designed by Abeo Architects including new entry, foyer and reception, new bars and lounges, new restaurant called The Greenery, new functions, new kitchen and stores, new loading dock, new toilets, new gaming and alfresco gaming, new TAB, new cashier, new administration and new furniture

Cronulla Golf Club decided to introduce a new social membership to unlock the huge potential of membership growth on its doorstep. For this to work, the Club needed to reposition itself with the introduction of an exceptional food and functions offer and reinvented venue to take advantage of the extensive views across the prestige golf course.

The striking timber fa├žade and contemporary entry encapsulates the new direction of the business, making it clear that everyone is welcome. The transformation has been dramatic with the membership booming and the business greatly reducing its reliance on golfing membership as its key revenue driver.